Broad Array of Process Technologies

  • Since inception, Tribar has consistently invested in developing new and innovative processes that improve product quality and consistency, enable technology integration, improve aesthetic appeal as well as reduce manufacturing costs.
  • These process technologies enable the Company to uniquely meet and exceed customer needs ranging from product performance to unique styling to enabling the integration of advanced safety systems.


Description: A process that molds the colored portion of the product from pigmented Class-A resin and then affixes the chrome plated piece through an assembly process.

Fiat Abarth Logo

Five Piece, Mold-in-Class-A Color Badge Assembly


Description: Product is molded, chrome plated, then placed back in the mold where lettering and/or decorative accents are injection molded into the part.

Ford EcoBoost Badge

Mold-in-Chrome Badge Assembly

Electronics Integration

Description: Value‐added molding and assembly processes incorporating cameras and sensors into badges or other decorative exterior systems.

First Integrated Rear-view Camera Badge


Description: Illuminative technologies maintain the classic appearance of the badge or grille assembly during the day and emit light at night via integrated LEDs.

Illuminated Lincoln Navigator Badge Logo

First Badge Assembly with Integrated LEDs


Description: Product assembly is molded, chrome plated, then placed back in the mold where lettering and/or decorative accents are injection molded over the chrome plated base.

Lincoln Aviator Grille Logo

Utilizing Tribar’s Mold-over-Chrome Technology

Complex Multi-Shot

Description: A shot of resin is injected into a mold and cooled to form a solid part. The just-molded part then receives a second shot of resin through or around certain parts of the first molded part.

Two-Shot Door Seal for GM’s T1XX Platform Logo

Translucent Chrome

Description: Future badges, grilles, and other decorative exterior systems to accommodate use of LiDAR/radar sensor technology through use of translucent chrome.

Translucent Chrome Technology


Description: Transmittal-through-black allows for vehicle information and graphic imaging to be displayed on a Class-A-surface utilizing LED technologies.

Transmittal-through-Black personal identification display